Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dance Studio Marketing For Beginners

As with any type of business , it is going to be difficult to make money if you don't have any clients…. Of course, the best way to attract them is by word of mouth, but you must begin with an advertising and marketing campaign. We will expand on this below with dance studio advertising for beginners.

While a dance studio may not sell conventional products to its customers, it sells memberships and lessons to survive, and should still consider advertising the companies services. This could put a pretty good dent into your overall budget if you advertise through local newspapers, magazines, or pamphlets. You can get the word out on the internet for less money and more impact. The first thing you should do is build your own website, or hire a company that specializes in website design. Advertising alone on the internet will not be anywhere near as effective if you do not have a website to direct potential customers to.

Try and build a site that explains what your dance studio or business does? What your business has to offer? Where it is located? Who to contact? People will take your advertising more seriously if it is a professionally done site, easy to navigate, and pleasing to the eye. This is why I suggest hiring a website design company just to make sure the site gives the people what they're looking for and everything is working properly and optimized for search engines.

Adding good relevant content to a site can give it a lot of credibility also. It is a good idea to post articles that are relevant to dance on the site. You also want to make sure there are lots of pictures giving potential customers an idea of your studio and what a day of classes might be like. The main thing to make sure of is your contact information and that it is correct, such as address, phone number, and email addresses. You should also get in the habit of checking for messages on the phone and email at least once a day, if you do not respond to requests in a timely manner, then the potential client has most likely contacted someone else…..

If you have a good website, it is now going to be easier to advertise the dance studio as people can now gain a better understanding of you and your business through the site. You can now advertise to potential customers by posting blogs, articles, and forum comments on other relevant websites where people interested in dancing are likely to visit.

When you post this content, many sites will allow you to put in a link to your own site. If your content is interesting and you know what you're talking about, it's likely to attract some visitors to your site. You may also want to spend some money and retain the services of a dance marketing company to take care of this for you. Another option is to join an affiliate program and have other sites advertise for you, which will send visitors over to your pages.

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