Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Social Media Marketing and Social Networking

Introduction of social networking sites and social media marketing in the lives of every individual has shortened the distances between family and friends, have helped people to stay connected with each other. To stay connected has become important in the new busy age where it’s difficult to stay in touch with every one you’re associated with. Introduction of new activities has made these social sites more popular and most visited in the new world internet. The new activities include various games, quizzes and also advertisement of a lot of exciting brands. Quizzes are of various kinds, providing a variety for all the age groups of the society. Movie quizzes, IQ quizzes and a lot more.

The member of a social site has a number of friends, those friends have their respective friends, this keeps progressing and forms a bigger network, commonly referred to as a social network. The members of this social network share common interests with the member, this common interest is kept in mind by the owners and they work to introduce more activities. These activities attract more and more people belied to a bigger network. this happens when social networking becomes entertaining and acts as a stress buster for many.

This is now being applied in the virtual world, commonly our own ‘internet.’ Usually, man has learned to communicate with each member in his own community but these sites provide a platform to meet new people and interact with them to share ideas. So who ever understands the importance of this can take complete advantage.

Meeting friends and engaging in fun activities on the internet just got better! New ideas are delivered to enhance the activities which lead to the involvement of more people and make the site even more entertaining. Adding to this, communities engage in sharing photographs, videos and even songs enabling members to enjoy and discuss by easily commenting on the same.

With new social sites being launched imagine a site where you can be your own master. A virtual life networking site like Facebook and Orkut has been recently launched by Godrej Group of companies, which came to be known as GoJiyo. This latest social networking site, which is entirely built into the three dimensional software, allowing members to build virtual objects and various games, is the talk of the town. This is what makes it different from other social networking sites and keeps attracting more and more members. GoJiyo is a whole new experience with a variety of activities where one can virtually, in a three dimensional world, experience real life on their computer screens.

If you want Pure Entertainment go through GoJiyo.com. The place where the virtual world meets the real world, where nothing can hold you back, GoJiyo is one such a place.

Read more: Social Networking Site For Entertainment | Free Niche Business Articles For Internet Marketing http://www.freearticledatabase.net/2010/08/social-networking-site-for-entertainment/#ixzz0ws3MQAnm
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Social Media Marketing For Dance Studios

Social media marketing is a powerful way to advertise dance studio events and specials in a way that ensures proper visibility is given to the aspects of your business that would be most appealing to your specific clientele. For example a dance studio can use social media marketing to increase the visibility of some of the studio’s yearly recital pictures and videos which may entice prospective clients to choose your studio over another. Below are some of the best tools to make the most out of social media marketing for dance studios and other arts oriented businesses.

Facebook is one of your best options as it is free to use. Setting up an account is easy and should be created with your studio's name. With over 300 million users you are guaranteed to find your target audience and plenty of them!! By posting frequently, with interesting stories, pictures, and videos there is a larger chance of people inviting their friends to take a look at your studio thus increasing word of mouth advertising.

Twitter is one of the fastest growing platforms available and will enable you to submit short updates that are available to your followers. The more followers you have the better. Include your Twitter account name in your emails and website this should get a lot more hits. People can also find your account by searching for a keyword that may appear in one of your posts . Stick to relevant topics, in this case dance. This will gain your studio followers that share common interests which once again gives you a better chance for word of mouth advertising. This form of dance marketing also lets your clients keep track of daily updates, like changes in class times, additions of classes, or even how you are feeling that day. This adds a more personal feel to your marketing.

Linkedin is great for connecting with other businesses and allowing visitors to see a simple profile of your dance company. You can allow people that know you personally to leave recommendations, which in turn will give you great credibility to prospective clients. There is also the opportunity to answer questions and participate in various groups that pertain to the same field as you, making you an expert in your field to prospective clients.

By joining local based sites such as Yelp, you will be able to target not only people with an interest for dance , but also ones that are able to attend your studio. By registering you will appear in a set of search results so whenever someone seeks a dance studio in your town or city, they will have a better chance of finding you instead of your competition.

By far one of the most effective tools for a dance studio to use is videos. How can anyone tell how good your teachers are if they haven't seen them in action?4


Video sharing sites such as YouTube allow you to upload videos for the whole world to see. Not only will this be a chance to show what your studio specializes in but also for entertainment purposes. There a lots of things to record in terms of dance. Choreography tutorials are always a great way to advertise. This is particularly popular when a song goes viral or just hits the charts.

Another way is to record recitals and performances of both teachers and students alike. Even recording in the class is a great idea. Often whoever is in the video will send the link to their friends and family, who then send it to their friends. Making this an easy way to spread the word, advertise, and increase dance registration through social media marketing.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The SEO benefits of Article Marketing 

When you take a look at all of the different advertising strategies for the first time it can seem very confusing and overwhelming. There are many different options and strategies, so if you are a beginner it is best to concentrate on one task at a time while learning how to advertise your business online. One of the first ways that you will want to consider is article marketing. You may not have heard of this strategy before, but you will want to give it a try for the SEO and marketing benefits are great!!

One of the largest benefits is that article marketing is free. Article directories like Ezine are free to use, and come with great tutorials on how to become an expert article marketer. Since you will not have to pay any money this is a great marketing tool for those on a tight budget. Another great benefit is you can gain a following of people reading your information . This is a great way to start word of mouth advertising, which is king of all free advertising. You have to enjoy what you are writing about though, this will help you in writing articles that will grab your reader’s attention . If you enjoy learning about the topics you will then be more likely to write with more enthusiasm, which will draw your readers in and make them more likely to click on one the links you have placed in your article or in the resource box. This will also give you high quality back links, this is a great thing because you will be able to gain back links to your web site that you did not have to pay for. These back links, since they are coming from an established article directory are going to be more reliable in the eyes of the search engines. This could improve your sites authority with the search engines otherwise known as SEM (search engine marketing). Another great benefit is that you will increase the chance of sales since the readers are going to trust what you are telling them in the article as an expert in your field. This is another great thing since you will gain your readers trust, they might end up purchasing the product or service that you are promoting based off of the trust factor that your article produces.

Starting out in the article marketing field can be a great intro into the world of online marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). You will discover many benefits by starting out with this form of marketing. Some of them could lead you to being able to make more money by knowing what kind of information to research for when you expand to other marketing campaigns and strategies.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Benefits Of Online Marketing For The Arts

Owning your own arts or dance business can decidedly be a positive thing, but at the same time it can be very stressful. Making your way through what should and should not be done, and what works best for your business can sometimes be too much for one person to handle. One thing that is for sure is you must supply some form of advertising to gain business. This can be a very difficult task on your own and is something that you may want to consider hiring a dance advertising company for. They will put different marketing strategies and tactics into place. One of the possible strategies is online ads. Here are some of the benefits of using ads in your online marketing strategy.

You are going to find that people can remember your product better based off of the flashy ads that you have. These ads are going to be the ones that can cause people to talk. Hopefully they will be talking because of the wonderful way your ads were done, but it could also be because of the way that the ad was presented. Make sure you present your ads in a manner that people will organically follow with their eyes. Think of the letter "F" organize your ads with your most crucial info that you want to get out following the pattern of the letter "F".

You might also find that a local dance studio could be willing to help you out for free as long as they get some form of benefit as well.  You could be brought in as a guest instructor which will boost studio morale and students interest in the studio which will get them to start talking to their friends about the dance studio. This helps to get your name out and known in the local dance community also the students at the studio might begin to want outside opinions on things like choreography for their upcoming competition.

Hopefully these few steps will get you started in the pursuit of your own successful dance marketing campaign

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7 free tips on internet marketing!

If you run a business you’re smart enough to learn any of the following internet marketing tips that will enable you to begin to market online effectively.
1. You Should Have An Open Source Website Content Management System
Basically, open source is free stuff. A content management system is simply a means by which non technical people can edit website content and even change your website design. If your website has a CMS, it will mean YOU can edit the content yourself, dialing out the web design company and so saving your business money. In years gone-by a good CMS cost THOUSANDS OF POUNDS. Now, you can get excellent content management systems for FREE.
There are a lot of Open Source CMS on the market today. Usually they are simple to set up (although you might need a bit of technical know-how) and easy to configure. A lot of them come with many kinds of templates that let you change the design of your site easily.
To add to that, you can easily add what are called extensions to your new cms that will add functionality to your site (like a forum, booking system or a poll).
To compete in Google today you need to be regularly adding good content to your site to attract visitors. A content managed website makes this easy and enjoyable and ultimately puts you back in control.
Hobo offers an open source cms configuration and set-up service called Arachnid (which you’ll need if your not willing to spend the weeks learning how to do it properly).
2. Google Local Business Center
Yes! You can get to the top of Google – guaranteed! And for FREE (albeit in the Glasgow area and based on the number of competitors already featured). You can also get free directions to your business. It only takes about 24 hours to get listed above that pesky competitor who’s been there for the last 7 years! Try it out at Google Local Business Center before they do!
3. Google Analytics
Track your visitors for free. Find out where they come from and where on your site they go. You can even find out which exact keyword combination visitors typed into Google that lead you to get an email from your website. For most this is the only website statistics program you will ever need. And yes! It tracks everything, including visitors from Yahoo and MSN and other websites. Sometimes you get what what you pay for, and on some occasions, you actually get a lot more. Try Google Analytics FREE for yourself.

4. Get a Blog!
You’re website needs a blog! Yes, you might not know what this is – but everyone’s doing it (at least everone who is generating lots of visitors to their site!). A blog is ideal for your news section in 2009 and lets anyone in your organization easily add content to your site if necessary through a simple online interface. As mentioned, we use it for our news section and basically it lets you add fresh news content easily without any wwebsite expertise and to boot it allows you to, via blog techy stuff, instantly promote whatever article you’ve written worldwide to blog search engines everywhere.
We use Wordpress. It’s free, too, and probably the best! It takes minutes to install on your site and can be configured in about 4 hours to look and operate like the rest of your site (like ours). Download a copy at Wordpress for your site.
What? You don’t have a website? Then you can set up a free blog on Wordpress.com or Blogger (not ideal – but using this method you actually don’t need anything apart from an email address).
5. Organize Your Own Domains
Domains can be confusing. My advice? Set up an account with 123Reg.co.uk and manage all your domains here. Just the domains, mind. Get the hosting elsewhere. Open an account for free and start adding domains (web addresses) you want to own (domains cost about £10 for 2 years depending on whether it is a .com or .co.uk etc. Then, organize hosting, but not through 123. Why not try out…..
6. Organize Your Own Hosting
Through a reliable host, you can organize your domain/s through a plethora of packages. There are a bazillion hosts out there, a lot of them good. At the time of writing however I believe Rochen do not support .asp, which might be a problem for some.
However if you are following any (or all) of the advice on this page (ie open source CMS or blog using PHP/MySQL) make sure your host suppots these platforms.
Basically if you organise your own hosting and domains it really puts you in control. If you’re in control you call the shots with your web development company. It’s not a hard thing to learn how to do, either.
7. You don’t have to pay to get into or (free traffic from) Google. All you need is a link from a site already in the index (ie already in the Google results pages). Get a link from a good site, though, and your site could be completely spidered in a week. Then you too could enjoy more free stuff from Google – traffic! Kiss goodbye to all those seo companies who say they will get you into Google for only £39.99! Sweet! Check out our very popular free guide to search engine optimisation.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Advanced Internet Marketing for Arts and Entertainment Professionals

Twenty Seven Reasons is a search engine marketing and search engine optimization company that specializes in internet marketing, website design, social media marketing, and IT business solutions for dance studios, theaters, dancers, singers, choreographers,  entertainers, mobile djs, and arts professionals.  

We have both been members of the Entertainment Industry for over 30 years combined.  In a niche market, it is important that you have people working for you that have first hand experience in entertainment to help guide you and market your 
company to its fullest potential. 


 **All of our search engine optimization and search engine marketing strategies are completely custom for each individual client due to the personalized service needed for the entertainment industry. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dance Studio Marketing For Beginners

As with any type of business , it is going to be difficult to make money if you don't have any clients…. Of course, the best way to attract them is by word of mouth, but you must begin with an advertising and marketing campaign. We will expand on this below with dance studio advertising for beginners.

While a dance studio may not sell conventional products to its customers, it sells memberships and lessons to survive, and should still consider advertising the companies services. This could put a pretty good dent into your overall budget if you advertise through local newspapers, magazines, or pamphlets. You can get the word out on the internet for less money and more impact. The first thing you should do is build your own website, or hire a company that specializes in website design. Advertising alone on the internet will not be anywhere near as effective if you do not have a website to direct potential customers to.

Try and build a site that explains what your dance studio or business does? What your business has to offer? Where it is located? Who to contact? People will take your advertising more seriously if it is a professionally done site, easy to navigate, and pleasing to the eye. This is why I suggest hiring a website design company just to make sure the site gives the people what they're looking for and everything is working properly and optimized for search engines.

Adding good relevant content to a site can give it a lot of credibility also. It is a good idea to post articles that are relevant to dance on the site. You also want to make sure there are lots of pictures giving potential customers an idea of your studio and what a day of classes might be like. The main thing to make sure of is your contact information and that it is correct, such as address, phone number, and email addresses. You should also get in the habit of checking for messages on the phone and email at least once a day, if you do not respond to requests in a timely manner, then the potential client has most likely contacted someone else…..

If you have a good website, it is now going to be easier to advertise the dance studio as people can now gain a better understanding of you and your business through the site. You can now advertise to potential customers by posting blogs, articles, and forum comments on other relevant websites where people interested in dancing are likely to visit.

When you post this content, many sites will allow you to put in a link to your own site. If your content is interesting and you know what you're talking about, it's likely to attract some visitors to your site. You may also want to spend some money and retain the services of a dance marketing company to take care of this for you. Another option is to join an affiliate program and have other sites advertise for you, which will send visitors over to your pages.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Website, Center Stage Theatricals

Center Stage Theatricals features Center Stage Kids, ages 6 and up who perform musical theater shows. We feature the most talented kids in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Holly Hill, New Smyrna Beach, South Daytona, Ponce Inlet, and the surrounding areas!  Local Children's Musical Theater at it's finest!  As a small, independent theatrical organization, Center Stage Theatricals is one of the very few in the county that receives no outside sources of income from the city, county, schools, etc., but retains the simple goal: to bring unique theatrical opportunities to as many to children and families as possible, to promote the power and benefits of the performing arts, and to be an asset to the community.  In fact, the Center Stage Theatricals’ production of Disney’s Aladdin KIDS raised over $1500.00 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Cypress Creek Elementary School.

Check out the website for more information!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SEO and Internet Marketing for Arts and Entertainment Professionals

Let us help you get to page 1 search results and increase your registration, gigs, or client base through our ethical services below at competitive prices.

Website Design
Search Engine Optimization
Online Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Blog/Web 2.0 Creation and Management
Link Building
Article Creation and Submission
Search Engine Submission
Press Release Management
Pay Per Click Campaign Management
Online Ad Placement, Management, and Design
Directory Submission
Web Hosting and Maintenance
E-Mail Hosting
E-Commerce Integration
Online Booking Integration
Exchange Hosting
 I.T. Arts Business Applications Solutions

Music Editing and Video Editing for Dancers, Singers, and entertainers.

All of our services are custom tailored to your specific needs.

Contact Us for a custom package.

**Quick turn around time, and full reports given upon completion of all submission services.


Cirque Style Entertainment for Corporate Events and Special Events

Step right up for the most extreme cirque show you have ever seen!  A fantastic, larger-than-life set, extraordinary feats of human ability, exhilarating music and mystical lighting all drive this heart-pounding spectacle. Immerse yourself in a world where anything is possible... in a world that is Circo Magnifico.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shows in a Box Special Event and Corporate Event Entertainment

Check out our latest website, designed by Twenty Seven Reasons

Shows in a Box brings to you the best in live entertainment for corporate events, special events, industrials, theme parks, cruise ships, or any of your professional live entertainment needs.  Our pre-produced shows provide all elements needed included  but not limited to sets, technical production, scripts, score's and costumes.  Our shows can be custom tailored to any event or venue and budget. We can help you seamlessly integrate your awards presentation, corporate meeting, or industrial with amazing Broadway Style Entertainment, Cirque Style  Variety Entertainment, or Spectacular Illusion Shows!

Friday, May 7, 2010

What do our clients have to say about us??


"In less then a month our Google rankings went up to page 1. The money I invested was the best marketing dollars we have spent in years!!  I would recommend their services highly."
~David, owner The World Of Magic  

"Shannon & Shane have given us more than "27 reasons" to be thankful for their expertise! Their online marketing and search engine optimization strategies have proven very successful for our business! We aren't even listed in the phone book and yet we still receive daily phone calls for information. I don't know how they do it. I just know we are now page 1 Google, Bing, and Yahoo!"
~Amanda, owner Amanda's Dance Center




Sunday, April 25, 2010

Specializing in Arts and Entertainment Marketing


Our love for the arts and entertainment has given us the chance to wear many hats as performers and behind the scenes. Our vast knowledge of the industry combined with Shane's technical skills gives us the edge you are looking for.  Our intention is to provide high quality service catered to the arts to help arts oriented small businesses grow and prepare for the future.

Twenty Seven Reasons is an internet marketing and search engine optimization company that specializes in web design, web marketing, and web hosting to dance studios, dancers, choreographers, entertainers, arts professionals and arts and entertainment blog creation and management. 


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