Monday, August 2, 2010

The SEO benefits of Article Marketing 

When you take a look at all of the different advertising strategies for the first time it can seem very confusing and overwhelming. There are many different options and strategies, so if you are a beginner it is best to concentrate on one task at a time while learning how to advertise your business online. One of the first ways that you will want to consider is article marketing. You may not have heard of this strategy before, but you will want to give it a try for the SEO and marketing benefits are great!!

One of the largest benefits is that article marketing is free. Article directories like Ezine are free to use, and come with great tutorials on how to become an expert article marketer. Since you will not have to pay any money this is a great marketing tool for those on a tight budget. Another great benefit is you can gain a following of people reading your information . This is a great way to start word of mouth advertising, which is king of all free advertising. You have to enjoy what you are writing about though, this will help you in writing articles that will grab your reader’s attention . If you enjoy learning about the topics you will then be more likely to write with more enthusiasm, which will draw your readers in and make them more likely to click on one the links you have placed in your article or in the resource box. This will also give you high quality back links, this is a great thing because you will be able to gain back links to your web site that you did not have to pay for. These back links, since they are coming from an established article directory are going to be more reliable in the eyes of the search engines. This could improve your sites authority with the search engines otherwise known as SEM (search engine marketing). Another great benefit is that you will increase the chance of sales since the readers are going to trust what you are telling them in the article as an expert in your field. This is another great thing since you will gain your readers trust, they might end up purchasing the product or service that you are promoting based off of the trust factor that your article produces.

Starting out in the article marketing field can be a great intro into the world of online marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). You will discover many benefits by starting out with this form of marketing. Some of them could lead you to being able to make more money by knowing what kind of information to research for when you expand to other marketing campaigns and strategies.

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