Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Social Media Marketing and Social Networking

Introduction of social networking sites and social media marketing in the lives of every individual has shortened the distances between family and friends, have helped people to stay connected with each other. To stay connected has become important in the new busy age where it’s difficult to stay in touch with every one you’re associated with. Introduction of new activities has made these social sites more popular and most visited in the new world internet. The new activities include various games, quizzes and also advertisement of a lot of exciting brands. Quizzes are of various kinds, providing a variety for all the age groups of the society. Movie quizzes, IQ quizzes and a lot more.

The member of a social site has a number of friends, those friends have their respective friends, this keeps progressing and forms a bigger network, commonly referred to as a social network. The members of this social network share common interests with the member, this common interest is kept in mind by the owners and they work to introduce more activities. These activities attract more and more people belied to a bigger network. this happens when social networking becomes entertaining and acts as a stress buster for many.

This is now being applied in the virtual world, commonly our own ‘internet.’ Usually, man has learned to communicate with each member in his own community but these sites provide a platform to meet new people and interact with them to share ideas. So who ever understands the importance of this can take complete advantage.

Meeting friends and engaging in fun activities on the internet just got better! New ideas are delivered to enhance the activities which lead to the involvement of more people and make the site even more entertaining. Adding to this, communities engage in sharing photographs, videos and even songs enabling members to enjoy and discuss by easily commenting on the same.

With new social sites being launched imagine a site where you can be your own master. A virtual life networking site like Facebook and Orkut has been recently launched by Godrej Group of companies, which came to be known as GoJiyo. This latest social networking site, which is entirely built into the three dimensional software, allowing members to build virtual objects and various games, is the talk of the town. This is what makes it different from other social networking sites and keeps attracting more and more members. GoJiyo is a whole new experience with a variety of activities where one can virtually, in a three dimensional world, experience real life on their computer screens.

If you want Pure Entertainment go through GoJiyo.com. The place where the virtual world meets the real world, where nothing can hold you back, GoJiyo is one such a place.

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