Friday, August 6, 2010

Social Media Marketing For Dance Studios

Social media marketing is a powerful way to advertise dance studio events and specials in a way that ensures proper visibility is given to the aspects of your business that would be most appealing to your specific clientele. For example a dance studio can use social media marketing to increase the visibility of some of the studio’s yearly recital pictures and videos which may entice prospective clients to choose your studio over another. Below are some of the best tools to make the most out of social media marketing for dance studios and other arts oriented businesses.

Facebook is one of your best options as it is free to use. Setting up an account is easy and should be created with your studio's name. With over 300 million users you are guaranteed to find your target audience and plenty of them!! By posting frequently, with interesting stories, pictures, and videos there is a larger chance of people inviting their friends to take a look at your studio thus increasing word of mouth advertising.

Twitter is one of the fastest growing platforms available and will enable you to submit short updates that are available to your followers. The more followers you have the better. Include your Twitter account name in your emails and website this should get a lot more hits. People can also find your account by searching for a keyword that may appear in one of your posts . Stick to relevant topics, in this case dance. This will gain your studio followers that share common interests which once again gives you a better chance for word of mouth advertising. This form of dance marketing also lets your clients keep track of daily updates, like changes in class times, additions of classes, or even how you are feeling that day. This adds a more personal feel to your marketing.

Linkedin is great for connecting with other businesses and allowing visitors to see a simple profile of your dance company. You can allow people that know you personally to leave recommendations, which in turn will give you great credibility to prospective clients. There is also the opportunity to answer questions and participate in various groups that pertain to the same field as you, making you an expert in your field to prospective clients.

By joining local based sites such as Yelp, you will be able to target not only people with an interest for dance , but also ones that are able to attend your studio. By registering you will appear in a set of search results so whenever someone seeks a dance studio in your town or city, they will have a better chance of finding you instead of your competition.

By far one of the most effective tools for a dance studio to use is videos. How can anyone tell how good your teachers are if they haven't seen them in action?4


Video sharing sites such as YouTube allow you to upload videos for the whole world to see. Not only will this be a chance to show what your studio specializes in but also for entertainment purposes. There a lots of things to record in terms of dance. Choreography tutorials are always a great way to advertise. This is particularly popular when a song goes viral or just hits the charts.

Another way is to record recitals and performances of both teachers and students alike. Even recording in the class is a great idea. Often whoever is in the video will send the link to their friends and family, who then send it to their friends. Making this an easy way to spread the word, advertise, and increase dance registration through social media marketing.

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